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Disaster Relief and Chain Saw Units

Hurricane Damage_edited_edited.jpg

Every year natural disasters strike somewhere in the United States.  When disasters hit, many  lives  are affected forever.  People often lose every possession they own in a matter of a few minutes.  They often lose loved ones.  Our association partners with the Disaster Relief/Chain Saw Units of the Louisiana Baptist Convention.  Usually within a couple of days from the time tragedy strikes, Disaster Relief yellow shirts are on the scene assisting families as they begin the process to recovery.  Sometimes teams from across the  country come together to assist and encourage people that are in desperate need. 


Often one of the first teams on sight is the chain saw crew; often helping families cut a literal path to their homes.  Chain saw units also assist with clean-up efforts.  NCBA has a chain saw unit with trained volunteers ready to respond when called upon.  The unit is also available for needs in the community when storms damage property.

Monday, January 2 - Tuesday, January 3, 2023:

Extensive and damaging storms, with tornadoes, entered our area late yesterday evening and during most of the night.  Below are pictures of some of the devastation on Kelley Road, Jackson Parish, Jonesboro, Louisiana.  Our chain saw crew, along with many community residents, are working long, hard hours to assist those affected by these storms.  Other areas and individuals have suffered property loss as well.  Please be in prayer for those who have lost so much and the workers giving so freely of their time and resources to be of assistance. 

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