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Founded in 1906, Louisiana Christian University is a Christ-centered Community committed to Academic Excellence where students are equipped for Lives of Learning, Leading, and Serving.  In the fall of 2021, the name was changed from Louisiana College to Louisiana Christian University.  The university attracts students seeking a college that will reinforce and integrate their faith in more than 70 areas of study.


Located in the heart of Louisiana, Louisiana Christian University's picturesque 81-acre Pineville campus features a mix of historic buildings and modern athletic, performance, classroom, and living facilities.  Each summer, a team of NCBA volunteers will travel to Louisiana Christian University in Pineville, Louisiana, for a week of mission work.  During this time, the volunteers clean, handle lawn maintenance, paint classrooms or hallways, paint parking lots, and make repairs in different areas of the campus.  Whatever the need is, the team is willing to serve in that manner.  The university supplies all the tools, equipment and supplies.  The college houses the volunteers and provides three meals a day.  The cost is minimal, but the reward is great!

Mission Trip - May 2022

NCBA volunteers making repairs to wooden ramps on campus. 

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