Louisiana College

1140 College Drive

Pineville, LA  71359

Ph. (318)-487-7000

Louisiana College is a private Baptist coeducational college of liberal arts and sciences, with selected professional programs.  Built upon the principles of character and learning, the College has a tradition of outstanding academics and is the only Baptist, four-year institution in Louisiana.

Each summer in late July to mid-August, our association sends a team of volunteers to Louisiana College.  The volunteers spend five days painting classrooms and halls that need a facelift.  The team, young and old, work tirelessly to complete the tasks given to them.   If the team is large enough, there are needs for other maintenance issues, lawn work, etc. at the college.  Accommodations and meals are provided by Louisiana College, along with any materials needed for the assigned jobs. The university is always so appreciative of the time and work given by NCBA each year.  

If you are interested in this mission endeavor,

please contact Bro. Monty Huckaby,

NCBA Missions Development Director

  email: mhuckaby51@gmail.com  



* 2021 Louisiana College Mission Trip *

The team was small in number this year, but all had large and willing servant hearts.  Those participating were Bruce and Carmen Cardin, Randy Layfield, Danny Sullivan, and Bro. Craig. The university provides rooms for all that stay overnight, 3 meals a day, and supplies for any projects being worked on.  The only cost is traveling to and from Pineville.   LC is so appreciative to all teams that come to assist them each summer.  Please consider this mission opportunity next year, and it's so close to home.  You will be blessed!