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 2023 Bethlehem in the Park

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Thank you to  EVERYONE that participated and worked so  diligently to make this presentation so successful!  The attendance in the park for this year was 93 campers and 321 at the park    entrance gate (this doesn't include those in each booth and others  making sure everything runs smoothly). Praise the Lord!     Many hours of planning, constructing, and prayer goes in to this  ministry outreach   in  sharing the birth and love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  God bless each one of you!

We look forward to 2024! 

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Camp and Park Ministry

Camp Friendship provides a great opportunity every summer to reach boys and girls of all ages.  Camps are held in July every summer with an average of 200 boys, girls, and youth in attendance.  Each year during camp around 20 come to know Christ as Savior, with  many additional commitments.  Members from our churches serve on the camp board.  Jesus has a special place in His heart for children.  This is very obvious when you read the Gospels.  Many adults today testify that they gave their lives to Christ during camp.  Many even surrendered to God’s call on their life to ministry during summer camp.  Some of the children that attend Camp Friendship can’t afford most of the camps held in other places.  Low fees make  this camp affordable for many young people in our area.

School Children

Friendship Camp
for Girls & Boys 

Hand Pile of Happy Group

Friendship Camp
for Youth

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Jimmie Davis State Park

Kids Reading Book in Park

The Jimmie Davis State Park has become a major attraction for campers from all across the United States.  Every year several thousand people enter the park for camping and recreation.  Several of our area churches are  involved in this ministry.  Beginning in April and going through October, a devotional service is offered every Sunday morning at 9:30 am.  During the months of June and July, day camps are offered to kids weekly, Wednesday-Friday, 9:30-11 am.  The Sunday services and day camps touch the lives of over 400 every year.  Many seeds are sown that touch families across our nation annually.  

In December of each year, our associational churches and individuals present "Bethlehem in the Park".

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