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Native Americans Ministry

The needs of native americans across this nation remain great. Often, the highest levels of need are met with the lowest quality of care. These conditions remain as a result of unresolved issues between Native American Nations and the United States, broken promises and systems that continue to foster dependency and oppression.

Existing within these difficult circumstances is the vitality of a diverse people group made up of more than 500 distinct Native American tribes. Our cultures are rich with values that can serve as pathways to a better understanding of relationships among people. A common thread is the importance of spiritual health for all. Only a small percentage have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, meaning that the need and opportunity is great for ministry in Christ. 

Our association has adopted this group as a mission and ministry outreach.  We have delivered non-perishable food items on several occasions.  Some other needs are as follows:

                 1.  Fry Bread Tray - trays for Choctaw in Mississippi.

                      a.  Different kinds of handles can be put on tray.

                      b.  Great ministry tool for Native Americans.

                      c.  Mark Patrick, Pastor of Corinth Baptist Church, Tucker, MS


                 2.  Hygiene Bags  - for Homeless Native Americans in Tulsa, OK

                      a.  Travel size items for a week.

                            i.  Deodorant

                           ii.  Body Wash

                          iii.  Tooth brush

                          iv.  Toothpaste

                           v.  Men & Women socks (1 pair)

                          vi.  Gospel Tract

                         vii.  Hand written note or card

                     b.  We need 500 of these.

                3.  Prayer Benches - Native Americans in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, New Mexico

                     a.  Five feet in length

                     b.  18 inches high

                     c.  14-16 inches wide on seat

                4.  Crosses - Native Americans all over America

                     a.  All sizes

                     b.  Small Crosses - 5 1/2" wide, 8" long

                     c.  Medium Crosses - 18" wide, 24" long

                     d.  Large Crosses - 6' tall, 4' wide


Image by Andrew James
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Helping Hands
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