Friendship Camp - 2021 Informational Letter


We are extremely excited to say that there WILL BE Friendship Camp 2021!! All things are different these days, and that will carry over to our camps, but we are doing our very best to follow medical, local, and state guidelines for the safety of campers, staff, and churches, yet allow our campers their usual time of fun, spiritual uplifting, friendship-building they are accustomed to. Please note the following changes that will take place because of COVID 19 recommendations for over-night camps:

  • All campers must pre-register and pay a deposit. There are still guidelines regarding social distancing for gathering and sleeping. Knowing how many campers to expect will allow staff to arrange rooms and beds to meet them. It is for this reason that pre-registration is required. We are making forms available through a variety of means:

  • Friends of Friendship Facebook page

  • Associational emails/website

  • Missions office in Jonesboro will have copies.

  • Counselors and board members will try to have some copies available.

  • By request, forms can be directly emailed to anyone needing them.

  • Registration/medical forms and a $50 deposit of the total $125 fee must be submitted for a camper’s pre-registration to be considered complete. Individuals and churches will be able to pay by PayPal or check. Churches/parents will need to include a list of campers the payment covers. If paying by individual check, the registration form should be included. For churches paying for a group, either a list of campers being paid for can be enclosed with the check or the registration forms could be sent with the payment. If paying by PayPal, the $50 deposit + $2.50 convenience fee per camper should be sent to (which is the camp’s PayPal account). If choosing to, additional or final payments can also be made through PayPal with $2.50 fee per transaction. (Note: Full payment of $125 + $2.50 can be made instead of just the deposit if desired.)

      If mailing payment, please send to:

      Friendship Baptist Camp

      P.O. Box 542

      Winnfield, LA 71483

  • If the bed capacity is reached, a waiting list will be opened. No deposit will be required for the waiting list and any available or additional camper slots open prior to camp time will be filled from that list. In this case, a deposit will then be required.

  • Completed COVID 19 waivers must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and brought on registration day in order that we may be assured all precautions have been followed to keep our campers and staff safe. No camper will be admitted without the signed COVID waiver.

  • Thankfully, the governor has lifted the mask mandate, so campers will not be asked to wear masks. However, if parents want their children to wear them for extra precaution, that is their prerogative.

  • Health checks will be maintained daily. Any camper who is found to be ill with COVID symptoms will be quarantined in an isolated location until picked up by parents. We request that any camper sent home with such symptoms be immediately tested and that we be notified of the results.

  • We ask that all churches/families screen campers BEFORE bringing them to camp. If the camper or ANYONE in the household has been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID OR has had COVID symptoms for an entire week prior to opening day, we ask that the camper not be sent to camp. In this case, their deposit would be refunded.

  • Registration for each camp will begin at 9 AM. Please make arrangements to bring or have campers dropped off between 9 AM and 11 AM. Upon arrival, each vehicle will be given a number. Please be patient and be prepared to wait in your vehicle until your number is raised. This is necessary because of the capacity limitations in the chapel.

  • In order to protect campers and staff, no adults will be allowed in the dorm facilities except camp staff. Staff will assist campers in transporting their luggage/bedding and setting up rooms.

  • Due to capacity requirements, there will NOT be a closing ceremony for any camp. A slideshow highlighting events of the week will be posted on the Friends of Friendship Facebook page shortly following camp.

  • Pick-up on Thursday for each camp will be from 4 PM until 6 PM. We will use the same procedures as were used at registration. Campers and their belongings will be brought out assisted by staff.

Pack your bags:

Pillow, bedding, towels & washcloths, personal toiletries, swimsuit (1 piece or t-shirt covering), comfortable clothing (remember that we want to honor God with our appearance, so no short shorts). Remember to bring your Bible. We will be using it daily.

******Check back on the Friends of Friendship page frequently for updates, changes, or additional information.


Questions can be posted on the Friends of Friendship Facebook Page or directed to one of the following individuals:

Beverly Taylor, Camp Director                   318-332-1834

Kristen Walker, Girls’ Camp                       318-471-0637                  July 12-15

Debbie Shows, Boys’ Camp                       318-413-1841                  July 19-22

Myron Curry, Youth Camp                          318-413-0872                  July 26-29