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Several thousand individuals are incarcerated in Jackson and Winn parishes.  There is a great opportunity for our churches to have an impact on the lives of those that are certainly at a crossroads in life.  A few ministers in our association take this freedom to minister to inmates in these facilities.  

This ministry has provided Bibles in over 12 languages to the inmates in our prisons and jails.  As certain languages are requested by the prison chaplains, we do our best to find the Bible in those translations. Many churches have donated new and used literature for the inmates as well.  Due to the generosity of churches, individuals, and our budget, we were able to provide the Bibles.  People that volunteer often share stories of those that gave their life to Christ through this ministry.  For many it was a wake-up call, a turning point when they decided to surrender their lives to Christ.  They show tremendous gratitude toward those that took the time to invest in their lives.  

Through jail or prison ministry there is an opportunity to evangelize those without Christ, and disciple those that come to Christ.  What a joy it is to see someone come to Christ, sell out to Him, and grow.  This ministry offers a way to reach out to many in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We can't help but note the words of Christ in Matthew 25:36:  "I was in prison and you came unto me". 

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