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collegiate partnerships
Baptist Collegiate Ministry

North Central Baptist Association provides monthly  support for two of our local college campuses.  Each year, thousands of students attend the campuses of Northwestern State and Louisiana Tech.  Many of these students are from our area.  Most students that attend  college are at a critical time in their lives.  Decisions are being made concerning the future.  Many of these students arrive on campus seeking direction in life.  What an opportunity we have to partner with parents and churches to encourage and give direction to these young men and women.  BCM ministries provide great opportunities for students to come together in a Christian environment.

The “Baptist Collegiate Ministry” at Louisiana Tech touches  thousands of students each year.  Tech students come from around the world.  Over 5,000 meals are served each year to students through the weekly Soul Food Outreach lunch.  Over 100 students are involved in mission projects annually through the BCM.  Each year over 200 students are involved in discipleship groups all over campus.  BCM students at Tech also raise over $15,000 annually for missions.

The Northwestern State University “Baptist Collegiate  Ministry” also touches the lives of many young men and women each  year. The BCM at NSU could  not exist apart from the  support of  Southern Baptist across  our  state. 

The BCM at NSU exists to:                                                       

 -Help students know Christ and to make Him known.                 

 -Help students grow in their knowledge of Christ and His teachings.

 -Help students find their place of calling in Christ’s Kingdom.

Collegiate Scholarships

North Central Baptist Association has scholarships available each year to qualified students that are members of a NCBA church and who are pursuing a degree from Louisiana Christian University or one of our Southern Baptist seminaries.  Two Louisiana Christian University scholarships and two seminary scholarships are offered each year for applicants in Jackson and Winn parishes. The investment of this financial support can assist with their higher education in spiritual surroundings.  For additional information about applying for one of these scholarships, please contact the association office.

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