Welcome Letter From Our Associational Mission Strategist (DOM)

I would like to welcome you to our North Central Baptist Association website. Our goal is to provide you with valuable information about who we are, where we are located and what our mission is as an association of 51 Southern Baptist Churches.


Our 51 churches are located in Winn and Jackson parish in north central Louisiana.


Our association is made up of three different associations. These associations include Shady Grove, Winn, and Jackson.


Our 51 churches are autonomous. That means each church operates individually of each other. Each church has its own By-Laws and Constitution. Each church has its own structure of carrying out the ministry.


While each church is autonomous, these churches come together as a body to form the North Central Baptist Association. We associate together as a group with our own set of By-Laws and Constitution. We have committees made up of different individuals from our churches. We have an annual and semi-annual meeting to conduct business and worship together.


Our mission is to share the gospel (Good news of salvation) of Jesus Christ with every person possible. Our mission is to equip churches to be able to carry out this mission locally, nationally and internationally. Our mission is to encourage churches to carry out this mission. Our mission is to provide help to any of our churches who need help in any area of ministry.


Our central office is located at 219 Bond Street in Jonesboro, Louisiana.


Our website is new, so please bear with us as we are in the process of updating and making changes.