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Louisiana College / Southern Baptist Seminary
This application may be duplicated, if necessary.

                                                                   Deadline – March 15

  NOTE: Mail all applications to “Scholarship Committee”, P. O. Box 159, Jonesboro, LA 71251.

  It is strongly recommended  the applicant make a copy of this application for their

  personal records.

            Name (PRINT)___________________________________________Date_______________
            Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________
            City _________________________________State____________Zip____________
            Telephone Number________________________________        Gender (Circle  M  F)
            Church Membership ________________________________________________
            Church Address _____________________________________________________
            Name of Parents_____________________________________Date of Birth__________
            High School/College___________________________Date of Graduation __________
            Name of College/Seminary you are applying to_______________________________


 - Write and attach a brief testimony of your Salvation and the reason you elected

  to attend Louisiana College or a Southern Baptist Seminary. -

  List any honors or organizations in which you have been a member.

  Disciplinary Actions by the School: (Circle one – attach explanation, if yes) YES NO

  State Law Violations: (Circle one – attach explanation, if yes) YES NO

  List any other scholarships you may have received:


  What degree are you pursuing? ____________________________________________________

   1. Attach a copy of your high school/college transcript and ACT score.
   2. Attach a letter of recommendation from your Pastor or Chairman of Deacons.


  *Please be aware that you may be required to attend the annual Associational

   meeting to give a brief progress report.

                                                                                                                                                        (page 2 of 3)

                                       North Central Baptist Association Scholarship
                                       Louisiana College / Southern Baptist Seminary
                                      Procedural Guidelines (Approved – April 2, 2007)

1.  This scholarship is available only for those students pursuing a degree from

     Louisiana College or a Southern Baptist Seminary.

2. This scholarship will be awarded to one student in the associational reporting period.

3. The applicant(s) must meet the following guidelines to be eligible for the scholarship.
     a.  Must be a member of a cooperating/contributing church in the NCBA.

          Submit by the prescribed deadline, a completed application.
     b. Applications must have a letter of recommendation from their Pastor or Chairman              of
 the Deacons, should the church be without a pastor.
     c.  Applicant must provide a 7 semester high school transcript or current college 

     d.  Applicant must submit a brief, written explanation why he/she elected to attend

          Louisiana College or a Southern Baptist Seminary.

4. The applicant must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered:
     a.  Minimum ACT score of 20.
     b.  Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
     c.  No major, as determined by the committee, disciplinary actions by Louisiana College

          or Southern Baptist Seminary, if the applicant is a transfer student.
     d.  No major, as determined by the committee, violations of Louisiana State Laws.

5. Application must be received in the Missions and Ministry Center by March 15.

6. The scholarship will be awarded by April 15.

7. All applicants will be notified by mail whether or not they received the award.

8. Applicant(s) will need to apply or reapply each year.

9. The NCBA Treasurer will write and mail a check to the appropriate department

     at the college to be applied to the recipient’s expenses.

10. A hard copy verification that the college has received the funds will be required

     for the associational files.

                                                                                                                                                             (page 3 of 3)



Though there are clear guidelines for the applying and awarding of this scholarship, it is the intent
of the association to assist as many students who wish to attend Louisiana College or a Southern Baptist Seminary. Therefore, several clarifications of the guidelines should be given as follows:

1) In the event there are no applicants at the original deadline, the committee has the 

    authority, at their discretion, to announce a second deadline to award the scholarship        for the next semester (term).

2) Should there be no applicant in an Associational Awarding Period (AAP); the Treasurer      will transfer the budgeted amount to a designated account called the “Louisiana 

    College and Seminary Scholarships”. No more than two (2) AAP budgeted amounts

    will be allowed in the designated account.
   Therefore, after two years budgeted amount are transferred, the account will be frozen

   until there is a qualifying application received as per the guidelines previously stated.

3) In the event no one applies for three AAP the budgeted amount will simply not be

    spent. No one applicant will be awarded more than the budgeted amount; however,

    should there be money in the designated account to allow for more than one applicant

    to receive an award up to the budgeted amount, the Scholarship Committee has the

    authority to award multiple scholarships. Again, it is the goal of this committee to help

    as many students as possible provided that no one applicant receives more than or less

    than the annual budgeted amount.  

   a.)  If there are no applicants for the first year, the line item budgeted amount is

          transferred to a designated account called the “Louisiana College and Seminary

          Scholarship” before the annual meeting.

   a.)  If there are two qualifying applicants the second year, the committee can award two

          scholarships for the budgeted amount – one using the designated account and one

          using the budget amount. However, should there be no applicants the second year,

          the second year amount is also transferred to designated. Once two yearly amounts

          are in designated, the account is frozen until the designated amount is reduced

          and the budgeted amount is used. No more than two years budgeted amount will

          be  allowed in the designated account.

   c.)  If, in the third year, there are three applicants who qualify, the committee can award

          three scholarships clearing the designated and the budgeted amount for that year.

          Should there be no applicants in the third year; the budgeted amount simply will

          not be spent.)