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 Local Mission Project


November 4, 2020




 Dear Pastors and Mission Leaders,


            I pray all is well with you and the church family. This past October at our Annual Association meeting at FBC Jonesboro, we voted to adopt a local mission project in our association. Old Union Baptist Church in Joyce had a large tree fall on their church and destroy their kitchen and fellowship hall. We discussed and voted to help them rebuild this facility.

            We need your help. Please announce this mission project at your church and ask if any men or women would be willing to help with this mission. No funds are needed just labor.  If we could get a few from each church, we could have a great team to rebuild this church. This project will have all kinds of help needed. Anyone of any age will be needed to help. It does not matter if these are skilled or unskilled in building. We will need churches to provide lunches and servers daily. There are so many opportunities for us to be missionaries right here in our own area.

            Monty Huckaby, our Mission Development Leader, will be organizing this project. His brother, Ronnie Huckaby will be overseeing this mission with him.

            Please let us know as soon as you can how many you have from your church that might help. We want to schedule this mission and allow the volunteers to have time to plan around their schedule. We will continue to update and keep each one advised on work schedule.  Tentatively, our start date is Monday, November 9.  Please come to Old Union Baptist Church at 8:00 am on this day.

            I want to thank you for helping us with this matter.   


God bless,


Craig James, AMS

Cell  318.452.4885




Monty Huckaby, NCBA Mission Development Leader

Cell  318.245.8678




Ronnie Huckaby

Cell  318.548.6724



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Due to the increase of the COVID-19 virus, we have canceled the Pastor's Prayer Breakfast for January.   Hopefully, we can meet in February.

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The January Bible Study Preview on John’s Epistles: Living Assurance, will be led by Dr. Philip Caples. Like so many events these days it will be virtual, recorded ahead of time, and made available through our LBC website. Pastors, you can go view at your convenience, after October 26.